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Thormählen, Marianne - The Waste Land - A Fragmentary Wholeness - Price Soft Cover SEK 210, Hardback SEK 450:-
Thormählen, Marianne - Eliot's Animals - Price Soft Cover SEK 160, Hardback SEK 300:-
Thormählen, Marianne - T.S. Eliot at the Turn of the Century - Price SEK 290:-

Thormählen, Axel - The Water Tower - Price SEK 70:-

Thormählen, Imke - The Ladislaw Case - Price SEK 190:-


Holmby Press International, Holmby 308, SE-247 97 FLYINGE, Sweden


Here’s how you order books to be delivered outside Sweden:

Send an email to order@holmbypress.com, stating the title of the book you wish to order, the number of copies, your full name and your complete address. A telephone number might be useful but is no requirement.

        If we have any questions, we’ll get back to you. If not, you can expect the book to be delivered, accompanied by an invoice, within eight weeks.

        The reason it can take so long is that we drive down and ship from Germany, as postage is prohibitively expensive in Sweden and we want to save our customers’ money.

        However, if you want your book quickly, say so when you order, and we’ll bill you for the extra postage (see below under Postage rates).


Customers in the United Kingdom and the U.S.A. may prefer to order The Ladislaw Case from Coronet Books, Philadelphia

Postage rates:

International book parcel from Germany: SEK 75 per book for books by Marianne Thormählen and for Imke Thormählen’s The Ladislaw Case. Delivery within eight weeks.

        Delivery via air mail from Sweden, to reach you within three weeks, of the same books: SEK 160 in Europe, SEK 190 outside Europe, per copy.

        Axel Thormählen’s The Water Tower is much lighter and hence cheaper; postage costs SEK 25 (just over £2/approx. $4), and we send it by air mail from Sweden.

Transaction currency:

The bill enclosed with your book/s will be in SEK, Swedish kronor, for payment into our account with our Swedish bank, Färs och Frosta Sparbank. SEK 100 corresponds (roughly) to 12 euros / 14 USD / 8.5 GBP.

In other words, a copy of The Ladislaw Case delivered by international book parcel from Germany will set you back about £23 if you live in the UK and $39 if you live in the US.

        The quicker delivery option will add about £8/$20 to your bill. (You can see why we said it was expensive.)


Holmby Press International, Holmby 308, 247 97 FLYINGE


Så här går det till att få våra böcker levererade inom Sverige:

Skicka ett epostmeddelande till order@holmbypress.com. Ange boktitel, antal exemplar och så förstås ditt fullständiga namn och adress. Ett telefonnummer kan vara bra att ha.

        Har vi några frågor kontaktar vi dig. Annars kan du räkna med att ha boken/böckerna, åtföljd/a av en faktura, inom 14 dagar.

        Utöver de böcker som nämns i den engelskspråkiga informationen (se ’Order’) har vi ett begränsat antal exemplar av Axel Thormählens Kremberg – en julberättelse (40 kr per ex.) och Imke Thormählens Joséphine (140 kr per ex.).



För alla böcker utom Kremberg och The Water Tower: 60 kr per exemplar. Kremberg och The Water Tower kostar 12 kr porto per exemplar.